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5 Best Research Paper Writing Services in USA

Writing a research paper seems to be a difficult project, especially for students with narrow time and expertise. Many students, therefore, are looking for assistance from research paper writing services to complete their academic duties. With so many options available, it is difficult to trace a reliable service provider. In this article, we are going to discuss a list of the top five research paper writing services in the United States and discuss their features, benefits, and rankings.

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Ranking of Best Research Paper Writing Services in the USA:

For your best knowledge and support, we have discussed the top five USA platforms according to the rankings, ratings and paramount research work service;

RankingWriting ServiceRatingOutcome
1TheAcademicPapers.co.uk4.9/5Best overall
2Affordable-Dissertation.co.uk4.8/5Best at a cheap price
3Cheap-Essay-Writing.co.uk4.7/5Best for American writers
4Dissertation-Writers-UK.co.uk4.6/5Best for professional writers
5Cheap-Dissertation-Writing.co.uk4.5/5Best value for money

TheAcademicPapers.co.uk – Overall Best Writing Service in the U.S.A

The Academic Papers UK is a capable research paper writing service that is providing excellent research papers for US students since 2003. This company has over 2000+ experienced writers belonging to different fields of study. All these writers are proficient to handle any kind of research paper topic. Because of the expertise in the research field, this company persistently improves the quality of the dissertation and makes it better accepted as a research paper for publication. The professional approach makes all the research work an easy peasy task and can handle appropriate citation formats like APA, MLA, Chicago and Harvard.

The Best Feature Of The Academic Papers UK:

One of the best features of The Academic Papers UK is the reasonable price range of any sort of research paper. This platform provides the best concessions for all students; making the service pocket friendly. In addition to affordable prices and discounts, this service provides title pages, proofreading services, bibliography and plagiarism reports without any cost.


The Academic Papers UK is active 24/7 and its customer support representatives are highly appreciated because of their quick response to queries related to research paper write-ups.

Advantages of using The Academic Papers UK:
  • The Academic Papers UK guarantees 100% plagiarism-free research papers.
  • All the writers follow layouts, and strict guidelines and still maintain excellent work.
  • The Academic Papers UK assists in research paper writings around the clock.
  • The Academic Papers UK provides research papers with a comparable low price range. A research paper usually costs around £66.26 on behalf of 15 days of delivery.
  • The Academic Papers UK hires the best and quality authors that are experts in deep investigation.
  • The writers of The Academic Papers UK have the capability in a wide range of journal styles.

Affordable-Dissertation.co.uk – Best for Cheap Price

Affordable Dissertation UK is an exceptional research paper writing platform that allows clients to choose a writer of their own choice. This company has a pool of qualified research paper writers with a minimum of five years of writing experience. The sole feature of this platform is the bidding method in which the writers bid on a client’s order and the client elects the writer agreeing his requirements. Affordable Dissertation UK is an economical platform that provides competent research papers without comprising quality.  

Affordable Dissertation UK can advance a research paper from scratch. Experienced writers do effective research and gather all the necessary data; to prepare a quality research paper.

The Best Feature Of Affordable Dissertation UK

The best feature of Affordable Dissertation UK is the transparent pricing system which allows the students to adjust the price according to their needs. The platform charges more for quick orders, so it is better to order as early as to encounter the budget requirement. What’s more; The Affordable Dissertation UK provides a title page free of cost.

Advantages of using Affordable Dissertation UK
  • Affordable Dissertation UK affords unlimited free revisions for research papers.
  • Affordable Dissertation UK provides a plagiarism report with each paper.
  • Affordable Dissertation UK provides a platform to direct communication with the writers to get feedback.

Cheap-Essay-Writing.co.uk – American Writers

Cheap Essay Writing UK is another research paper writing service that offers research papers written by American writers. This company employs the best researchers but native English writers; so to provide the finest research papers in the United States. The hiring process follows strict recommendations and the nominated writers are asked to craft original papers within a time limit. Owing to such a tough process, the writers of Cheap Essay Writing UK are competent to handle simple to complex research tasks.

Cheap Essay Writing UK provides proofreading services and also unlimited free revisions. This company also provides comprehensive in-text citations, a bibliography and a proper formatting style for the research paper. You have to provide the requirements for the research paper and the authors create tailored papers according to the specific guidelines.

The Best Feature Of Cheap Essay Writing UK:

The best feature of Cheap Essay Writing UK is the order plans for the research paper like Regular orders, Express orders, and Quick orders. You need to select the order type that best matches your interest. Cheap Essay Writing UK appoints only PhD professionals that can write research papers following the layout style of the journal.

Advantages of Cheap Essay Writing UK
  • Cheap Essay Writing UK is constantly providing unique and personalized research papers to all students in the USA.
  • The company is presenting academic excellence in research papers for more than 10 years.
  • The company provides a fair price range for the students. The average cost for a research paper is £53.01 which will deliver in more than 15 days.
  • The writers of the company are qualified in various fields of science and technology. They are serving USA students through this platform since 2014.
  • All types of research papers are written by native English writers.
  • Cheap Essay Writing UK provides unlimited revisions free of cost.
  • If you are unsatisfied with the research paper, the company will provide a full refund for the order.

Dissertation-Writers-UK.co.uk – Qualified Research Paper Writers

Dissertation Writers UK is a research paper writing service that provides quality research papers and related services in the USA. The company has expert writers that can craft well-structured and original content from raw and rough data. The customer support service of Dissertation Writers UK is very active and it responds within no time. All the representatives are adapted to every kind of query and track the instructions carefully. You will get quality experience working with writers of various councils; Modern Language Association (MLA), Council for English Teachers etc. In short, the company is not limited to research papers services but also assists in dissertations, theses and essays. The basic agenda of the company is to promise quality custom-written content for the students; creating the possibility to achieve academic goals. Moreover, the writers are encouraged to follow the guidelines of the journal for the quick acceptance of a research paper.

The Best Feature Of Dissertation Writers UK:

The best feature of Dissertation Writers UK is that the company has an efficient team for customer support service. This team is highly trained and professional in academic writing and provides all the particulars in your query. Dissertation Writers UK also provides free revisions for research papers in case the research paper needs modifications.

Advantages of Dissertation Writers UK:
  • Dissertation Writers UK provides plagiarism-free reports along with research papers.
  • All the research work is done with the hands of expert writers so the quality is not compromised.
  • The main aim of the writers is to follow the requirements of journals that have high impact factors like Wiley, and Elsevier.
  • Dissertation Writers UK provides 24/7 customer support service.
  • Dissertation Writers UK is highly adapted to follow the deadlines for research papers.
  • All the writers of Dissertation Writers UK have a 5-star rating and are experts in various fields of research papers.

Cheap-Dissertation-Writing.co.uk – Best Value for Money

Cheap Dissertation Writing UK provides research papers for USA students creating the best value for money. Research data is efficiently handled by the experts that sustain the structure of a research paper keeping things concise and transparent. The Cheap Dissertation Writing UK team is appreciated for the best graphical presentations standing out from other research papers. Cheap Dissertation Writing UK is appreciated for handling multiple research papers-related tasks keeping the quality and effective formatting of the journal.

Looking for more? Cheap Dissertation Writing UK is a professional service that offers an affordable price of £ 45.46 with a delivery time of more than 15 days. The company is confident to provide 100% unique and original work. Due to the massive experience in research paper write-ups, Cheap Dissertation Writing UK is efficiently providing original research papers within 24 hours of a deadline; a conundrum to believe but you can cross-check the services.   

The Best Feature Of Cheap Dissertation Writing UK:

The best feature of Cheap Dissertation Writing UK is that this company has a quality assurance team with the capability to understand the journal style and formatting. QA team is always in touch with the journal reviewers to follow research paper guidelines with guaranteed publication. Cheap Dissertation Writing UK also provides free research paper revisions if necessary.

Advantages Of Cheap Dissertation Writing UK
  • Cheap Dissertation Writing UK has a statistical team that is expert in data analysis techniques, especially the R software.
  • Cheap Dissertation Writing UK provides a lot of research paper services like a research paper outline, bibliography, and research paper topic suggestions for free.
  • The company provides a learning platform for the student to improve research paper writing skills under the supervision of specialists.
  • Cheap Dissertation Writing UK has a 4.5 rating out of 5 based on the research paper services in the USA.
  • Cheap Dissertation Writing UK has an affordable price range for all students.

Benefits Of Using A Research Paper Writing Service:

Research paper writing services aim to ease the writing task for the students related to the research paperwork and for its approval. The companies offer many benefits to students around the globe and especially US students. Following are eight top benefits for students while using the top 5 research paper writing services.

Time Can Be Managed

The main advantage of using these five research paper writing services is that the students can manage their time and other responsibilities. Research papers are making life tough to crop but seeking help from professional services can relieve you from a hectic job. Students can now put efforts into other academic work and can enhance their knowledge in a particular field of study.

Improved Writing Skills

The next useful advantage for the student is the opportunity to work with experts. These experts are best at the job to craft a unique and original research paper from the raw data. Working with these professionals is beyond your wildest dream. You can learn the necessary skills related to data collection, data compilation, data entry, and data analysis. In the last practice, you can understand the essential things to include in the research paper; also keeping the stuff brief and summarising. So, the students can hit the jackpot working with these services.

Quality Research Paper

Research paper writing services employ native English writers that are professionals in various degrees. These writers can write quality research papers providing exclusive work for the findings and conclusions.

Original and Unique Research Paper

Research paper writing services like The Academic Papers UK delivers plagiarism report free of any cost. This report ensures that the content is free from any copied material. The Quality Assurance team of experts confirm the final revision of the research paper and grasp the quality of the contents for publication purpose. Keeping the uniqueness of the research paper is a constituent of The Academic Papers UK service.

Topic Research

Research paper writing services always support students with their research work. Students often face difficulty in topic selection. The customer support service of The Academic Papers UK provides access to the expert topic and researcher who plays a key role in the topic research. The selection is specifically done according to the interests and requirements of the student. In addition to this, The Academic Papers UK provides a list of topics that can be best written and gets approved for high-impact factor journals.

Literature Citations

Citations in research papers keep following a specific format. The above-mentioned research paper writing services provide research papers with an approved format and citations. The students provide the detail about the journal and experts will look for the topics and provide insights to your research paper.

Following The Deadlines

The students need to just put an effort into telling the requirements and deadline for the research paper; the service will do the rest. Research Paper Writing Services shaped some strict deadlines outlining the structure of a research paper. The paperwork is proofread and edited beating the clock.

A Wide Range Of Research Field

Students are more interested to develop research papers from the expert in the field. Research Paper writing services employ professionals from different fields of study. Whether you want a research paper on law or you want to prepare an astrological paper; experts from the mentioned services can easily manage the entire research paper task.

Best Research Paper Services: Four Fundamental Elements

It is necessary to understand the reasons why a student should rely on the mentioned research paper writing services. All the services know the terms and conditions for secured work. Each platform has its privacy policy page and you can check all the main arguments. Further, the conversation is secured with multiple layers of security that are unable to decrypt. There is no third-party involvement and your data is not shared with anyone.

Whenever you are choosing any research paper writing service, it is essential to consider the four fundamental elements;

Original Research Paper Content:

Before you are ordering research papers from any service, it is necessary to check past research-related samples. Check for the website and see whether there are any samples related to your work; otherwise for the samples via customer support service. Another important entity is to ask about plagiarism reports. These reports should be a part of the research paperwork. All the services do not guarantee this report to provide as a part of the research paper service but the above-mentioned five services facilitate in this regard.

The Payment Method Is Secured

A professional research paper writing service ensures multiple options for payments. You need to confirm that all the methods for money transfer are secured and do not involve any scams. The above definite services offer payment methods like PayPal that are secured so do not disclose your identity.

Follow The Requirements

The best academic service strictly follows the guidelines and requirements of the client. So, these are the top five services in the USA that are keen to follow academic policies. The professional team of experts always maintain the quality of a research paper without disturbing the guidelines. In this way, the services build confidence in the clients and thus it is providing research papers services in the US for many years.


Students should consider a trustable company for research paper write-ups. The company should keep all the research data confidential and is trustworthy enough to not share it with any third party.


Research paper writing services are proven to relieve students’ stress in a variety of ways. However, while selecting a research service, the four privacy pillars should be considered. The services mentioned in this article proved useful for research paper writing purposes. Native English writers who are also professionals in many academic subjects also impart the services. Consideration of the most important characteristics and associated benefits will assist you in selecting the best company that is affordable and preserves all data securely and private. Students may now boost their research influence by employing such USA services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Use Research Paper Writing Services For Dissertation Write-Ups?

Yes, research paper writing services are not only meant for research papers writings but also assist other academic work as well. You can ask for dissertation services as well as your assignment work and case reports.

Is Using Research Paper Writing Services Considered Legal?

Yes, using research paper writing services is considered legal as long as the content is original and is not used for any unfair academic purpose. The mentioned research paper writing services follow strict academic laws and do not involve any form of academic penalty.

What Are The Important Factors To Consider For The Best Research Paper Writing Services?

First of all, the quality of the research work should be checked with the samples available; in case there are no samples related to your research, you can ask for customer support service. The next factor is ensuring the average price range for the respected service. At the very least, check the response from the customer representative; either he guides you properly and whether the response is quick or not.

Are The Services Can Negotiate The Prices If Not Affordable For The Student?

Yes, some services like The Academic Papers UK can negotiate the price tag for the students. This company already provides discounts on research papers but still, you can ask for super discounts service.

What To Do Next If I Am Not Satisfied With The Research Work?

In case you are not happy with provided work, you can ask for modifications. The Academic Papers UK is always happy to provide unlimited revisions for all clients with zero charges. Still, if you are not considering the research paper, contact the customer support service for a full refund. The company will provide you with repayment for the service keeping the terms and conditions of the refund policy.

How Would I Know If My Research Paper Is Original Or Not?

Research paper writing services combine plagiarism reports with research papers upon delivery. This report depicts the similarity index of your research paper. You can ask for the soft format of the plagiarism report; if there is some confusion about the plagiarism report, check if this report is for this file or not.



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